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The Best Home Package Drop Box of 2022

Upgrade with the Yale Smart Keypad so you can unlock the box during phone-free moments, and share codes with people you trust or delivery personnel. Easily change or delete codes using the Yale Access App. Never worry about packages being left in the sun, rain or snow. Add the optional cooler bag, sold separately by Kingsley Park, to protect food and other perishable deliveries. Enjoy convenient, contactless deliveries of your packages, mail, food deliveries and more.

honest parcel delivery and package work at home reviews

You have a package or a few and you’re looking for the best way to get them delivered without having to worry about them getting lost or delayed. Every time you wait at the door, you worry that the person won’t know what it is and will feel sorry for bringing it all this way. They might get their clothes or dishwasher broken or something else caused by poor packaging. Every time you have to wait at the door, it’s hard not to grumble. "Especially when you are shipping packages across state lines, and even countries, that should be an immediate red flag that something is not right," she said.

To calculate the top 5’s we take the following factors into account:

When choosing a padlock for your box, ABUS locks are a good place to look. You’ll find that they’re more secure than your average Master Lock. Lastly, this box features a handy hidden bottom compartment to add weight to the box, or there’s the option to mount it with screws.

  • So, 18-gauge steel is thinner than 14 or 16-gauge steel.
  • "They were just looking for a quality inspector who could check packages at their home," she said.
  • Upgrade with the Yale Smart Keypad so you can unlock the box during phone-free moments, and share codes with people you trust or delivery personnel.
  • Alright, now if the price of the dVault scared you away, the Barska MPB-600 Parcel Box is a worthy more affordable alternative.
  • Because of this, it lives up to its name of “Full Service Vault.” Next, the Full Service Vault is made for both residential and commercial use.
  • With its sleek design, it looks great in the home or office.

As you’ve probably already noticed, this is the one box in our guide that’s not made of steel. Well, the reason we chose this box is that it’s an affordable alternative to steel boxes, and it provides a good level of security. Plus, this box is able to accept larger packages because of the flip-top design. Another thing dVault got right is the design for incoming/outgoing mail with its built-in internal sign. Unlike other boxes on the market, your mailperson is unlikely to get confused when delivering to this box.

ParcelCompare added a £94 "large parcel…

For instance, a common problem new owners run into is choosing a box that does not accept large packages. This is the last thing you want to have on your hands, especially if you took the time to anchor the box to a concrete slab. For this reason, it’s important to measure the packages you typically receive and compare those measurements to the max parcel size offered by the box. The package drop box is a flexible storage and delivery solution for the professional or home user.

honest parcel delivery and package work at home reviews

Given my experience, I think package boxes may be a worthwhile solution only if you live in an area where your delivery driver for each carrier is the same person. That way, you might be able to talk to them and get them to put your packages in the box. As boxes go, all the ones I selected were designed well. They are made of sturdy plastic and feature doors that can accommodate small to midsized packages.

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But the reality is that delivery workers don’t use them enough to make the boxes practical. For more tips on dealing with porch pirates, see our guide to preventing package theft. Architectural Mailboxes is one of the leaders in the locking mailbox and parcel drop box space, and The Elephantrunk is the company’s largest model. The elegant design of the Elephantrunk is one of the greatest selling points.

When choosing steel, the lower the gauge number the thicker the steel. So, 18-gauge steel is thinner than 14 or 16-gauge steel.

Good way to save time trawling round…

"You don’t know what you are sending. It could be illegal products, money, stolen goods." The company was not really looking for "inspections." Instead, it started sending her small boxes to repack and mail out with mailing labels they provided.

However, initial headline deal with DPD ended up with rather higher price delivery by DHL, but still much cheaper than direct approach to courier. I’m obsessed with smart home tech and channel my obsession into new stories for Consumer Reports. When I’m not writing about products, I spend time either outside hiking and skiing or up in the air in small airplanes. For my latest obsessions, follow me onFacebook andTwitter (@danwroc). But the experience of using these boxes quickly went in a direction I would have never expected. The Yale Smart Delivery Box was designed by Kingsley Park, a Step2 Brand, to blend seamlessly with your home.

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The Danby Parcel Guard is the technological opposite of the Keter. It’s a smart package delivery box that connects to your smartphone and pulls double duty as a security uss express reviews camera, but frankly, it feels too complex for its own good. The app can be used to unlock the secure compartment, track deliveries, and set up pickups for returns.

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