London, UK
  • Found a Problem. I just realised, that some brands still use cancerogenic ingredients in Sport Supplements. The majority of the brands still use old dated Nutrient Intake Recommendations.. At that moment I thought that if we allow the user to create their own Food Supplement Blends?

Market Research

London, UK
  • I did some market research and massive questionnaire around my friends. Then I booked appointment at Wenta Business Advise. The adviser told me that yes, the idea is great, the market is crowded with many different brands. And to find something original or much more suitable for everyone is very difficult.

Web Site Development

London, UK
  • Created brand name and started to develop prototype of first website at Tested UX hypothesis.

Company Registration

London, UK
  • Before quarantine started, I registered company Blendale LTD on 12.03.2020.

BodyPatch™ Invention

London, UK
  • Got idea to get simple nutrition test from sweat ingredients. We just need to develop special chemical markers, which will change colour when specific ingredient in sweat is equal or more than referred value and allocate them to special locations on patch to form unique QR Code. Then its done forming, we just need to scan it with camera phone and get instant results online. after that our service will offer to cover nutrient level deficiency by ordering it from our store

New Options for Website

London, UK
  • I just realised, that besides of ordering custom supplements, we can save and post formulas on website. And after, have social interaction by discussing it, rate it, add to favourites. Follow formulas authors etc.

Referral Program

London, UK
  • To double our leads we can have marketing model which will involve Nutritionists and Personal Trainers. They just need to create very unique good blend formula, share it to the Social Media and start earn real money.

Testing Hypothesis

London, UK
  • Starting test and implement all available ideas and hypothesis from a technical point of view.

First Problems

London, UK
  • The concept of idea to encrypt data to QR Code after deep research turned out to be unsuccessful, and required full rework

Web Site MVP

London, UK
  • Finally got working MVP version of website. Still require to do tests and UX/UI finishing.

Marketing Strategy Development

London, UK
  • Developing the way, how to optimise marketing budget

Sweat Composition Test

Sarov, Russia
  • Tests and comparisons to approve hypothesis

New life of BodyPatch™

London, UK
  • Lab in Russia finnaly approved my thoutgs regarding sweat composition. And finally I found the way how to skip using QR Code technology

Start Developing of Product Line

Minsk, Belarus
  • Found Subcontractor in Minsk, Belarus. Non-standard tasks require non-standard solutions. We need to develop custom line units to drastically decrease total costs of product line.

Start Looking for Co-Funder

London, UK
  • After almost 1 year of development of whole project alone, I decided to find experienced Project Manager to have possibility to focus on technical side of project.