How It Works


Register as a Blendale Partner, offer blends to your customers, and get loyalty points.

We invite nutritionists and personal trainers to join the Blendale community by applying to become official Blendale Partners. Once you’re approved, in addition to being able to create blends — you can earn commissions by selling them to your clients. You’ll receive commissions ranging from 10% to 13% for the first purchase made by your clients, and afterwards you’ll receive 7% commissions for their repeat purchases. And best of all, the money is paid directly to you. We don’t have any set-in-stone sales plans that limit your profits. That means the more you share your blends, the more revenue you receive. We encourage you to make use of any digital platforms you’re comfortable with to spread news about your blends. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and your personal website are good places to start. Blendale Partners must apply as self-employed contractors.

Legal Information

  • Blendale Partners must apply as self-employed contractors.
  • You must provide a Unique Taxpayer Reference number (UTR number)